Stealing Milk From Babies



This cruel muzzling belt

is put on a calf

so that he can't


his mother's milk...

not any... not even half

before they kidnap him

and for veal cut him in half

They die ..seldom named

rarely with an



saiom shriver


  image from Angie Karan of twitter

This cruel device was created to prevent calves from bonding

with their mothers. Just one example of how the Meat Industry looks at animals as mere commodities.

notmilk com


Cows' milk, meat, fish and dairy are the reason the US with the most animal agriculture

food ads in the world on radio, tv etc. is the world's most overweight nation.

Cows' milk causes breast, uterine, cervical, ovarian and prostate cancer, food poisoning.


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The Meat Industry

Looks at animals as dollars and jobs. That's why it is so hard to see meat as life; only life giving. The meat (agriculture) lobby is one of the most powerful in Washington. I doubt they read poetry or heed ads or articles against their industry that makes millions for them. The rest of us consumers just eat the animal.  :D