Fireflies Burned


In 13 states fires burn.

Burned are mammals, birds,

trees, and fireflies

when raging

uncontrolled fire flies



Footnote: The cattle

and sheep industry are deforesters

causing drought ... the captive

mammals eat sapling trees

which are rainmakers.



saiom shriver

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Forest Fires

Forest fires are ravaging California because the "dogooder save the earth activists" fight efforts to thin the forests and the excess underbrush which creare an environment for forest fires. Thinning the forests also create heathy forests which helps your precious little wild animals and makes these animals more abundunt so we can eat them.

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I Thought

It was due to over forestation - too many trees as enjoyable to see landscaping from the windows of west coast dwellers that serve as fuel for fires. My theory is that south america is deforesting and disrupting the rain/sun/wind cycle further north. All are contributing factors. We waste water and there is population pressure on aquifers. Anybody check the level of Lake Meade in Nevada lately at the Hoover Dam? We are all to blame. Burned too are homes and people. -  slc