Resurrection 28 Brief Poems

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  • Resurrection: 28 Short Poems
  • (some have been revised)

    -saiom shriver-

    How majestic How sublime That out of muck and mud and slime God makes
    lemons and God makes limes.
    Oh Julie .. God's sun is shining She's now grapevining On her blooms, bees are dining
    and the grove tree now with light she's underlining
    (to J Lynch)

    Out of the pain of hell so low..
    was born of goodbye the sweetest hello
    the bee the purple blooms did rape .. and now there
    are sweet violet grapes
    Jesus said 'greater power shall I give to you'.... the power to be resurrecters.....
    only confining thoughts can limit our actions
    a fallen petal of a purple rose fell onto the clover... I thought until I spied
    it was a butterfly.. who unfolded her wings and flew up high
    Glass shatters.. neath sunfire.. each shard reflecting his orb entire
    The Great Lord can behind him twirl... vast universe' gyrating
    swirl... that his rebellious insurection
    .... become his glorious resurrection
    No lid for the cups of sunlemony buttercups..

    just infold to escape night cold..
    but in the morn... once again unrolled...
    once again their cheery chalices of gold do dewy dawn hold
    One upright responsible pier pillar after another yields in the night to the
    hegemony of the flowing tide.
    Those who took opposition roles...
    were midwives of her strengthened soul
    The sun arises and rouses the rose. In raspberries,
    His arisen rays are rose.
    A wee teardrop reflects a star. The tears dry.. remain the stars.
    Meet the sea the icebergs melted
    .. and now reflect the sunrise molten
    Every dawn a straight rainbow of promise is on the horizon
    ...heralding each heartsun's rising.
    As resoldered metal is stronger than when first forged,
    so the resurrected are paradoxically more perfect than
    the Godcreated original
    The soul's essence is ever in God's presence, unharmed by
    fires of body creation or the ashes of cremation.
    He was so loved by all creatures that when it rained
    a cloud served as his umbrella.
    Filling every inch of the line of floodcracked cement
    is a thread of velvetjade moss
    In the empty chalice of the rivercarved grand canyon
    dawn has drawn with gold pink orange light crayons.
    Candle flame fear not results if you ignite
    the snuffed candle's reborn light.
    As a clock with no hands can register time as the sun
    plays across its face, so Spirit needs no body in order
    to manifest its power.
    The apple tree's each barren branch.. burst to
    wands of blooming blanch
    At the base of the birdfeeding pole, a perfect circle frames
    it... the lace trace of birdprints, as they ate the
    seeds which had a precipitous fall
    God the Divine Genie is waiting in the bottles of all hearts
    to answer wishes.
    On Ararat rests the ark. A rainbow is born in the dark.
    Out of silence bursts the joyful song of the lark.
    Night swallows
    the swallows' trails
    and swallowtails.
    resurrects them entire.
    The Japanese beetle sews
    eyelets in the rose.
    Sweet wee weevils turn
    lilacs to lilace.





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