Who Wrote The Plays And Sonnets Attributed To William Shakespeare


What do Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplin, Helen Keller, Prince Philip,
Sigmund Freud, Vanessa Redgrave, Derek Jacobi, Walt Whitman, Henry James,
St. Germaine, John Adams, Leslie Howard
and countless others have in common?
They all believed that William Shakespeare
was not the author of the plays, sonnets,
and other writings attributed to him.

Why do they believe Shakespeare was not the author?

The Elizabethan court was one which sentenced opposing
Catholics and others who were not of the Church of England to a death by drawing and quartering. Elizabeth I
executed Mary Queen of Scots and other political opponents.
It was not safe for the author to
put his own name to his writings.

There is not a single play or poem
in Shakespeare's handwriting.

His children were functionally illiterate.

There were no books, no library in his
possession when he died. Nor were there any plays
or copies of plays in his possession.

While genius is not dependent upon schooling,
the comprehensive knowledge of the court,
literature, and cultures of other countries
was not evident in the life of Shakespeare.

There are many legal documents in the life of
Shakespeare, but none indicating he was a writer.
He was a grain merchant, who once sued someone
for 14 pence, who was a moneylender. His last will
was not the work of a literary man. He at least twice
defaulted on tax payments and was the owner of
high end realty.

He had been a butcher's apprentice and
a poacher of deer whiel the writings attributed
to him are full of compassion for mammals, birds,
fishes, insects.

There is nothing in the plays and poems which
fits with the life of Shakespeare.

The most famous painting alleging to be that of
Will Shakespeare was printed by Ben Jonson. Examining
the painting one finds indications that the face is
a mask of another face behind it.

The documentary Last Will And Testament
promotes the 17th Earl of Oxford as the author.

This writer believes the ascended
master St Germaine, who said that he himself in a previous life
was the author. He doesn't have the heads of murdered animals on the walls of his ancestral home nor the ethical lapses attributed to the 17th Earl of Oxford. He had already in his life as Francis Bacon achieved spiritual mastery in several areas.

Some of Shakespeare's (Bacon's) animal rights quotes:



Many of the assertions in this article came from the documentary Last Will & Testament  
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