Water Never Has To Work

Economy of Action





Water never has to work
He runs as he pleases
Pours on under winter ice
when his surface freezes
Merrily over rocks he goes
rocks on which others smash
Joyfully over waterfalls flows
Falls on which others crash.
Through granite faced gorges
None can hope to climb
Through different countries
no passport need he find
and when he reaches the salty sea
He's lifted up by the Sun.

Water through life easily floats
but bears several ton barges and boats
Water detached from every home
but shelters homeless
birds as he roams.
Water never strains nor worries
but empowers great water wheels.
Water has no duties but quenches
millions' thirst upon his banks.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

to B Mick a native of Arkansas who has donated
countless hours of
volunteer work to
vegan, peace, environment
Theosophist and other causes

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