Seed of Abraham

All this millenial slaughter

between Muslim and Jew

could have been prevented

had Abraham

believed God's childgift vow

and kept his pants zipped

and honored his marriage vow..

Heart by heart..

one victory at a time..

peace is enkindled

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Ernest Bevans's picture

LOL - I enjoyed this composition,
And I laugh even as Sarah laugh.
(without disrepect for Father Abaraham
nor The God of his decendances, of which
we are all his children) In the humor the
Moral of this poem is evident.

However as much as the advice to "keep it
in your pants" might apply to our morally
bankrupt society; it does not apply to
Abraham, because his barren wife Sarah,
sanctioned the fathering of Ishmael by the egyptian handmadien. So by Proxy, Sarah is the Mother of
Ishmael and Isaac. The bottom line is:
The two are brothers and ought not to be engaged
in violent rivelry.

Your message and your point is clear,
I do love this poem.
Keep Writing Peace - Keep Preaching Santity for Life.