First Do No Harm

Androcles came across an injured lion.. who had a thorn in his paw..

(adding to his many thorn claws)..

    It was a seemingly thankless task for

   Androcles to risk his life removing the thorn

    from the somewhat testy literalist lion..

    but Androcles' heart was infinite..

    it had a whole series of zipcodes assigned to


    and so he completed his task.

  The lion still had thorns

    .. called claws

   extending from his paws.

   They separated.

    One day several months later Caesar's campaign

    against the good of the world gathered steam..

    and all the good were rounded up

    to be thrown to the lions. Androcles

    in the caves neath the coliseum counseled

    courage and prayer.. when the Hindus were

    goaded onto the sandy floor of the arena..

    the lions roared.. up came Androcles' lion..

    sniffed him.. and knelt at his feet. The other

    lions seeing this followed Androcles' lion's

    lead.. the lions left the arena.

    Androcles' lion followed him..

    and now each night

    beneath Orion

    one sees Androcles


    next to his lion.

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TREXPATTON's picture

I perceive that YOUR mind has many zip-codes to it, too. Do you read much of Isaac Asimov ?? His mail goes to a lot of places too. REX

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !