Symphony Of Ecstasy Floats Above Pain

Over the scarlet scars

of Bethlehem

and Afghanistan

.. Over the brown mud

which cakes


.. over the grey freezing

water.. they are forced

to drink

.. begins a silent


as the sun rises

.. and a semicircle

of beams of light

.. branch

a radiant skytree bloomed

with gold and pink

and violet and rose..

.. as the subtle floats

the denser..

and joy rests lightly

upon transient pain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was sparked
by driving East one
morning listening
to the news of new bombs
sealing bears in their
Afghan caves as refugees
were created and soldiers
and civilians destroyed
by bombs. The sunrise
was magnificent.. at
first it seemed to mock
by contrast the war news..
and then it seemed to
float above a denser

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poetvg's picture

amazing poem ;*)

wemni's picture

saiom, i don't get what point you are making here?

Dawn Newell's picture

Your work is arresting and overwhelming in sheer numbers of posts. You clearly have a gift for word pictures, but I don't know yet if I like your messages. I shall read more and we will see.