Protect Uriah

Old white male rich senators

pawns of the petroplutocrats

speak of sending the young

and poor and multihued

off to war.

These are modern David's

attempting to put

Uriah in harm's way..

out of lust for the

Bathsheba of money and power.

You have the power to Stop them.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(to Senators Torricelli, Warner, Murkowski, Stevens,
DeWine, Lieberman,
Santorum, Shelby, Specter, Hutchison, Clinton,
Voinovich etc.)

   The unelected George Bush has exaggerated
   the significance of the intelligence leak.
   What was leaked to the Washington Post
   says talk show host Mangino was
   a report from the CIA that there is a 100%
   chance of more terrorism within the US.
   Mangino says Bush should stop treating the
   American people like children, like subjects
   held in darkness, that Bush should put
   safety ahead of the economy.
   Meanwhile others criticize the GOP for
   putting corporate politics ahead of airport
   security, and attempting to retard the
   passage of the airport security bill.
   For his master billionaires
   Bush has proposed more welfare
   .. asking for a 60 billion dollar tax cut

   Stop old rich white male senators
   from sending those of multihue
   off to war
   for BP and Monsanto
   As David sent Uriah off to the front lines
   so that David might boff Bathsheba..
   modern senators driven by the lust
   for power and money
   contemplate sending our young men and women
   to Afghanistan, where tens of thousands of
   Soviet soldiers lost their lives. Russia
   was right next door to Afghanistan, not
   an ocean away.
   Whether you are a pacifist, a populist,
   or believe in violence, it is not wise
   for any army to be landlocked in a foreign
   country, when 60 countries have violent
   and militant Muslims. Some of these
   are the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia,
   Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt,
   Libya, Sudan, Somalia.

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Butch Lesley's picture

So what do you suggest they do then?

karlmcallister's picture

This is one of the biblical stories I find most enraging. Nice modernization of an old theme. Did you send a copy to the senators you meniton? Just curious.