*Short Poems



The sun does not set. It is the earth which turns away.  God never rejects mankind. It is humans who reject God

Beach footprints by tidewater erased. Snow footprints
by the sun melted away. Sooner or later God forgives all transgressions.


The Gita states that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

We need not seek the sun. He comes to us.


Nearly all the fountain's water falls but some drops are lifted by the evaporator sun  Sooner or later all souls merge in God.\

Faster than God answers when His Name is invoked are His
responses to cries of agony whether silent or sounded.



From their hidden cloisters

untimely ripped are oysters

For their flesh or pearls

shells thrown away

where there's no moisture


Oysters are coprophagous or waste eaters... and as such are correlated to food poisoning incidents and anaphylactic shock

God is beyond gender. Men and women are equal. 






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allets's picture


On oysters. I like emeralds :D



saiom's picture

they're beyond my payscale

they're beyond my payscale



allets's picture

I Like Emeralds

Better than oysters. I tried them once, never agan. U know me, beef, lamb, pig eater. 



Cascade's picture

I don't eat oysters nor care

I don't eat oysters nor care for pearls

Oysters get a pass from me

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I second that

I second that



Stephen's picture


Raw on the half shell with a nice sauce slithering down my throat.  MM MM good.

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  Because of your comment I


Because of your comment I added a footnote