i mean nothing to this world
i cry just thinking about it
getting no attention 
no love
no recognition 
just floating like dust in the sky 
its a never ending tornado of pain 
living each day unnoticed by the crowd 
i wish i could receive at least one gesture to show somebody loved me 
but i know its just a useless wish that wont be granted 
i care too much about my social life
too much about pleasing people 
i wish i could say that ill stop but i dont know if thats reasonable 
living this life is as painful as it sounds 
no friends 
no family
no one that will actually care to admit that they know me 
im a mistake
im an accident 
im a living example of unwanted and now i cant handle it 
its too much for me 
but at the same time its too little
im this way for a reason
its because i am nothing
its harsh but true 
no one sees me
its like a dont exist
but ill get over it 
theres nothing i can do but wait
wait and wait until someone comes along
who loves me for me
who notices the good about me and not my flaws
someone who takes me just the way i am 
i wish, i wish, i wish. 
i wish there was someone out there who could be that person for me 
but i dont think itll happen 
the only one i care about
the only person in this entire world who's attention i want the most
ignores me entirely
the worst part is
he knows how i feel
ive relayed my feelings to him 
but its like i disgust him 
he has to be desperate to come to me
to talk to me
to hug me
im in love with him but i cant do anything
its hopeless 
maybe one day he'll see me
but that day is unreachable by the human race
physically impossible to get to
whatever though 
im good
Author's Notes/Comments: 

The contents of this poem are real things that I, as the author, feel on a regular basis. I am not clinically depressed. Just a little sad. 

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9inety's picture

The words you have so

aptly written can be explained as the "human condition".  Your work is another reference to the "human condition" it is what I feel drives most artitstic endeavor... You are a talented young person still growing, still hoping, you are still searching, keep writing sometimes it helps, if not you, than it may be a comfort to others. Preserve for the sake of perseverance....



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

sabriyah.b's picture

My problems are common in a

My problems are common in a lot of people, obviously, and I'm constantly thinking about how other people handle these problems. I want to learn how to handle my problems more maturely but writing definitely helps. Thank you ;)

orangejumpsuit's picture

cheer up

Youre fine. You are a beautiful young woman and a good writer. Eventually you will meet people with your level of emotional development.



sabriyah.b's picture

Thank you, I appreciate it <3

Thank you, I appreciate it <3 and yeah. Hopefully I can meet someone whose just as emotionally crazy as I am ;)

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Emotion Crazy

1. We all are. 2. Lonliness comes from not taking risks. 3. Pospoems is the right place for the emotionally eccentric. 4. I have to force myself to think positively - tend to care too much about starving babies. Friends and family are HARD work - perfect yourself - do what you like to do then do what you absolutely love to do and smile more - it helps lift the heavy~:D Stella



sabriyah.b's picture

I guess I always get caught

I guess I always get caught up in my own loneliness that I tend to forget the loneliness around me, but thank you, Stella. That helped ;)