What a cloudy night



I’m not sure why my brain thought that waking up at 3:28 a.m. to pee was also the perfect time to have the epiphany that you’re the one that got away for me. Maybe it was the dream about star gazing…and that I really did want to date you, but I was just too scared and too hurt and not listening to myself, either way it’s too late now …still I am livid with my body for it’s current choices, not only does this resent discovery do dick shit for my love life in general, it also appears its going to cost me the rest of my sleep…guess I better go hunt down that old business card and see if it’s still your number…or open the window and hunt for stars….



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Nice Ending!

I like very much the paragraph form of this poem but I hate 3am epiphanies - they usually end up with me wanting to write about it (in disguise) :D - Lady A



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exactly! they consume you! and they disrupt your sleep! <3

Much Love