Perspective, not just a slut who doesn’t put out



He asks me awkward questions like he’s interested in the answer only to cut me off midway and speak

And I wonder, when he says self aware, is he aware he means self absorbed?


Or is it just excitement lost in translation?



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sometimes she’s just what you need

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Lost In Translation

He's the slut apparently - high on expectation, low on ability and courtesy - He would not get lost in the meaning of "Cut me off again, and you can go home!" This is one of the reasons I never marred - Great write, insightful and hit home hard - Lady A



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I don't know I think first impressions are as much about you and the space you are in at the time as they are about them and the actions they take...


but yes in genral if it becomes a patern of behaviour I tend to lose interest in engaging with them....

Much Love