A perfect score



“I wonder who won”


I know who won, it’s us, we knew where the tens were all along”


It was a simple moment of cheesy honesty met with a fist pump and the knowledge that we didn’t have to be friends forever to share a moment within many moments

True connection

Which started with an awkward “Hi, I’ve seen you at the KW Slams”

Moved to a “are those seats taken”

Lived through a geeky “this is the slam you are looking for”

And bounced back from miss placed slam advice resulting in a 6.9

It must have been the yawn war

Yawns connect people

That and we whiteness a perfect score together

High fived to our Jedi Mind Tricks which had finally worked on the judges

And departed with a bad Facebook reference and the words “You’ve got my card” like that scene in ‘He’s Just Not That into You’


We won all along

We knew where the tens were


They were the sum of your fingers cupped together when I said “Shit I’m so nervous I need to pee”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think I made a friend for life last weekend!

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hey rwr

cool write. Graduating soon? best wishes ~s~