Poetic Poverty



Sometimes I think we love each other purely out of spite at a world rot with anger and void of devotion

It’s like it’s our protest

Stopping up and down on loneliness with hugs and unspoken emotion

Kisses on cheeks and soft teases of personality

Sometimes I think we hide it to keep it safe

Other times I think its just not there at all

Most times all I can do is think about how much it hurts to want you


The way I don’t want you at all



Author's Notes/Comments: 

soo behind, still have stuff from Jan :/

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I think, in an alternate universe, we are the same person! In this one, we've definately, traveled the same dirt roads ;-)

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BEST COMMENT EVER LEFT BY YOU! <3 and thus biggest smile ever spread accross my face :)

Much Love


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Nice Lining, Nicer Ideation

Raw emotion, as expectedwhen I punched the button for rwr - I will pray for you. - Lady A Smile



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Thanks love, its old, went through my not done folder and did some fall cleaning :)

Much Love