Let’s find you a couch*



Fuck the couch


And me quite literally

Find me your arms to fill

Your heart to warm

Your head to sooth and your love to lose

And I’ll meet the match stick of my own maker

Just to say that I’ve been with you

Find me space in your world for a night

And I’ll find you space in heaven




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Beavis's picture


Simply WOW!!! :-) you gave me a flashback! ;-)

running_with_rabbits's picture


hope it was a good one!

Much Love


allets's picture

Not Easily Wowed

I am not easily impressed. This is a wow poem. Heaven? U go Rabbit! - Just bein' Stella.






running_with_rabbits's picture


I seem to be doing a bit of that these days my dear ;)


and the man is such a beautiful soul, it would be hard not to be inspired enough to wow!

Much Love