I wanted to grow up and be nothing like you



She’s just outside the van to the right having another cigarette

Her second this stop

Eighth since we leftKitchener

He asks if I want water


Sleeps tiny grasp still tickles me as I watch her stretch her legs

You can see it in her figure

She looked like me once



All hips and butt and breasts

Guess I should quit eating sugar and start jogging again

With genetics like ours

At this rate I’ll be more her than me by 40

But I think I’m okay with that

And you know what Descartes says


“I think therefore I am”



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allets's picture

It's Soooo Freudian

Genetics never fail. They will tell on yo ass.  I am turning into my mother because the mirror is a liar - I just noticed the mushrooms growing around two sets of rabbit ears in your picture. Time to write the mushroom poem wab - Just Bein' Allets This Week 4 Ya




running_with_rabbits's picture


freakin gentics, the worst of the abusive forces in this world I swear! what a control freak eh? lol

Much Love