The rambling rabbit rambles



I am the kind of day where words run off your tongue before they run off your brain

And the intensity in voice makes people perceive me inane

Where tears are trapped in tongue and fears in eyes

And the smell of your cologne makes emotions arise

And shaking is just the course of what was bound to be

And the sun is meant to set forgetting you and me

I am the kind of day you always want to end

The kind of day which in time becomes your best friend

I am the words rolling faster than the thoughts they try to hide

And the stern lips holding tighter to the emotions that they bide

I am all the things I’d hate to be; difficult, angry, uncompromised

I am the kind of lackluster day filled with no fun or surprise

I am … I am … I am … as if I could begin to encompass

What’s left between my breasts after our encumbrance


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I like the title and the poem itself. It's interesting but I also associate with what you wrote. I struggle with verbal communication because I speak before I think. Sometimes I write that way but at least I can go back and change it. I've read a couple of your poems and it seems like you have a lot of stress and anxiety. I do too. Does writing help relieve it?

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thanks for the read my dear

anything only helps so much as you believe it will help if you ask me. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, so its not even that it helps with things so much as it is the water to the fish.

Much Love


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Encomberance - I kept reading embrace. Can emotions "bide"? Needs another word "To bide" is a verb as in to bide one's time. Intersting word that rhymes but loses meaning for sake of rhyme - so many words could go there - A



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this is why I hate rhyming and even when a poem naturally comes out that way I am like gah why!?!

Much Love


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An English Thang

I will have to look up the word "bide" maybe it's a noun too. Your rhymes in this poem are exquisite and well placed (not dominating, buried inside the connotations just as they should be placed). Two (2) long poems including this one will be well received, I'm sure - plus it leaves a bit of "room for improvement" in the prof's thinking - a plus actually. Something to discuss with you since all the other poems are A-Okay and well perfect. You're sure to be included, no doubt. Slammin are you? Be sure to mention that you read in public. Just wow him/her! Time to be a star again ~ Lady A  :D



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I was planning on including "rain is a myth" and labeling it work in progress...

Much Love