Snow White


I have never noticed her flaws before

To me she has always been perfect


Pale soft skin


Cold dead lips


Dark abrasive hair


Blood lust in her eyes


She has always been an imagine of morbid beauty

An embodiment of my anger torn soul










I have never noticed how her fingers bend out like a cripple

How she can hardly hold the heart she is about to eat


I guess everyone has flaws

Author's Notes/Comments: 

also old

I had a hand drawn picture of Vampire Snow White. She was dark and had red highlights in her hair. Her eyes were staring at a heart in her hands. The heart was drawn like a real human heart. The look in her eyes which I use to describe as blood lust looks different. It no longer looks like she is trying to eat the heart but resist the heart. Her eyes look sad, like she is sick of wanting to destroy every heart she holds and for once she’d like to love one. But she is so use to needing to drink blood. She is somewhat less creepy now


(Why yes, I did just projected myself onto a drawing and that is why I rock!)

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A Snow White Twist

u no me and sci-fy/fantasy - I can see this as a movie. Girlfriend rocks (& so do you Ash) ~a~