Folk-music façade





Who are so sweet

And so concerned

And so consensual



Who wishes me nothing but love and joy



Who takes my words and bends them

Like twisted shards of crystal quarts

Made to a shank to splice me


You who sees only you

Who takes the poem from the poet and locks it behind bars of music


You who imposes yourself upon others

Leaves the space for freedom scheduled

Seethed by the scythe of self-construct



You do NOT care

You do NOT wish me well

You do NOT have my happiness in mind

You just want to look like the guy everyone thinks you are



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Universal Applicability Here

The ego wars with the community and if there are enough winds the ego grows. Nice rant. You go woman!



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thanks love, sometimes I am too willing to forgive the ego and keep the peace....this time I had to do that several times to realise keeping the peace meant standing my groun with the ego!

Much Love