When you call me beautiful



I have always been good with those moments that take your breath away

It’s like they exist inside me, expand out from me, reaching across the world to touch others before coming back to reside in my chest again

It’s the little moments, the simple ones, where your breath stays straight and steady

Your mind clear

The little moments that almost seem insignificant

It’s those moments that I fuck up

Lose faith or trust or sight of them

Like when we first talked on the couch in your basement

At your sister’s 25th birthday party

Or your hug at her funeral

The way you held me just a few seconds longer than anyone else

Or tonight, at your parents, doing laundry

How we got absorbed in conversation and an hour just went by

How we talked about my father’s visit and the stress I’m bound to feel

Face to face, leg against leg, eye contact and the whole nine yards

And I told you the story of Esther and I, and the mirror

And that I didn’t know I was beautiful until I was 25

And you reached up as if you were about to brush a hair from my face and pulled my glasses down upon my noise

“There now you’re a bit geeky and beautiful”

And we laughed for what seemed like ages

Then grabbed my laundry and you drove me home

I mean those moments that take your breath away, expand outwards from the inside, Lord knows I am in them full tilt

But those little mother fuckers

I just let them through the cracks



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Marvy Write

Upbeat and personal. Refreshing to read ~



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thanks love, will try to post new stuff soon, just been so school focused :/

Much Love