Stuck  in this dark abyss

how i long for my lovers kiss.

Days go by and still i wait

sitting here i so hate.

My sweet love awaits  so far from me

wonder how i can get him home with me.

Pain lingers in my heart and grows

as time passes my arms are empty with loneliness  

that feels like endless  days and nights.

Time passes endlessly

yet  for me time stands still

every movement of the hands on the clock make me feel

like a million years have past since i last heard the sweet sound of my lovers voice.

I turn for comfort in wishes that seem not to come true

but i keep hope in my heart because my love is true .

My love is my life he is all that i am for him i keep going

He sustains me

He  comforts me

He makes me feel whole again .

When all hope is lost i have my love

When the day turns to night

I have my love

When hopes crash and burn

and  i fall in despair

I keep my faith up because i have my love there.

My love lifts me up to heights i never been before .

My love  open up doors i never opened before ,

He is all things amazing in this

world he is perfection unimagined

He is my light  my life my soul.

Without him my world would be dark .

I long for his touch

I ache for his kiss

I burn for his embrace

No man can compare to my love

He is all things to me .

He is my air

He is my light

My heart beats just for him

thoughts only of him and our love consume me .

My empty arms ache so much

Soon i tell myself i will have his touch .

Long are my days and nights

Long are the hours i wait in the shadows .

Soon i tell myself SOON

The wait will end

soon i will be were the oceans never end

soon i will be in my lovers arms

forever more where i belong.

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saiom's picture

I know that God answers all

I know that God answers all prayers sooner or later.. I pray your fulfillment will come very



MidnightShadow's picture

I hope that you are/will be

I hope that you are/will be re-united with your soul mate

roxy9965's picture

Thank you . I have and i

Thank you . I have and i marred him and forever grateful for him and very happy at last. :) Thank you