Listening for other's concern,

Bringing out suggestion that may help with their's.

Watching people's smile

Those three things is what I enjoy most in my life.


By this moment, 

I asked myself, "Why I can't let people do the same for me?",

I got my own family, friends and relatives.

We share our times together,

We share our dish on a same table,

But I can't open my heart for them.

But I can't open my heart for others.


I gained nothing from it,

I enjoyed bringing out the best from people around me,

Even if there's nothing for me.


Upon this moment,

I asked myself, my own ego whom carved my sincere smile,

"Can I open my heart to other person, at least a person whom seating in front of me?"

Whom watching my face,

Whom listening to my voice,

And whom can reply to my words.


My heart aches,


"Am I not being kind toward myself?"

"Do I have to be kinder for myself before others"


They says that I smiles every time we met each other,

and the smile is really sweet,

It heals them,


But for me, the smile means that my life getting worse,



For me, when I'm smiling, I will bring happiness,

And watching people getting their happiness is the cure for my heart.

Its satisfying.


Some says, material dreams is not truly a dream.

Its a responsibility.

Dreaming of getting a good job only means that its a responsibility for those in the positition.


A true dream,

Is the one that you envisioned your future self.

"I will make people smiles, and lessens their burden".

"I will greet billions of human on earth, wishing them good things",

Those are my dream.


"How about yours?"

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I Dream

of holding a copy of my novel in my hands. With the new desktop, I am on my way to it. Wish me luck.