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Listening for other's concern,

Bringing out suggestion that may help with their's.

Watching people's smile

Those three things is what I enjoy most in my life.


By this moment, 

I asked myself, "Why I can't let people do the same for me?",

I got my own family, friends and relatives.

We share our times together,

We share our dish on a same table,

But I can't open my heart for them.

But I can't open my heart for others.


I gained nothing from it,

I enjoyed bringing out the best from people around me,

Even if there's nothing for me.


Upon this moment,

I asked myself, my own ego whom carved my sincere smile,

"Can I open my heart to other person, at least a person whom seating in front of me?"

Whom watching my face,

Whom listening to my voice,

And whom can reply to my words.


My heart aches,


"Am I not being kind toward myself?"

"Do I have to be kinder for myself before others"


They says that I smiles every time we met each other,

and the smile is really sweet,

It heals them,


But for me, the smile means that my life getting worse,



For me, when I'm smiling, I will bring happiness,

And watching people getting their happiness is the cure for my heart.

Its satisfying.


Some says, material dreams is not truly a dream.

Its a responsibility.

Dreaming of getting a good job only means that its a responsibility for those in the positition.


A true dream,

Is the one that you envisioned your future self.

"I will make people smiles, and lessens their burden".

"I will greet billions of human on earth, wishing them good things",

Those are my dream.


"How about yours?"

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Success: Motivator

The ones that are blinded,
they can’t see their dreams,
they get swallowed by the darkness,
they fear the unseen,
they play the safest,
they get the price of the failure,
tired of all the pity,
looking for a reason to start,
finding a solution to losing,
stopping at the sign,
cares no more about the winners,
feels the pain of the underground,
being crushed by all the fear,
can’t stand up to the devil,
he himself starts to shuffle.



We reach a certain point and stop looking,
we stop looking for better results,
we get satisfied with the norm,
we look down on the weaker,
open your eyes! That was you, and it still is,
you have to reach the top,
so that you can’t be looked down on,
you have to reach the finish line to win,
no one cares about second,
no one cares about a win,
they want your victory,
spread your name,
open your eyes to the fruits of life.

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The Paper That Was Written

Success: Motivator

What we were told to do,
what was expected of us,
we all wanted to know what’s really true,
did we really have to take the bus?
Is it really okay to be number two?
Is there really nothing to discuss?
Who said which group is the right crew?
Is it really better not to cross?
Waiting is the safest route,
but being late is not the right path,
who determined everything from the root?
Who said, ‘but we did the math’?
Who said that everything is predictable?
Who stopped the dreams?
There’s no such thing as a miracle
when you work harder than the extremes.



Don’t go by the book,
live to your fullest,
life will hit you with a hook,
but don’t just stand there clueless,
dodge the bullets,
be the fewest,
to get the fullness of life,
forget the paper,
it was written by losers,
get through life, layer by layer,
be one winner,
by tearing the paper that was written.

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Success: Motivator

There are two meanings,
I can’t believe this,
broken because of those feelings,
miss if the kiss,
heart in two pieces,
can’t breathe near her,
the love decreases,
starting to be a bother,
can remember how you started,
can’t forget how it ends,
seeing how she departed,
the time that she spends,
it equals nothing,
the time the you spent,
it meant everything,
did it have to end with resent,
can you pick up the pieces,
or is it too hard to match,
the time alone increases,
you missed the catch.



Or when you’re broke with nothing,
no cash to spend,
your heart burning,
but this time it’s because you have to pretend,
lie to yourself about the money,
lie to yourself about how happy,
you really are, it’s not funny,
but don’t turn sappy,
just because your life is crappy,
lost in the abbey,
don’t want to get too chatty,
you feel nasty,
lonely, it’s too dark in the abyss,
when you’re poor you’re sad and empty,
it’s not a chance you can miss,
you have to force that door,
enter your life,
open a new chapter,
forget the afterlife,
and build you character.

We Hate It

Success: Motivator

We hate it,
being told what to do.
We hate it,
being forced to our life.
We hate it,
being alone with a crew.
We hate it,
being stabbed with a knife.
We hate it,
being hit in the back with the truth.
We hate it,
being in strife.
We hate it,
with everything we have on our back.
We hate it,
not finding a wife.
We hate it,
with every wish.
We hate it,
with every push.
We hate it,
finding it hard to walk, squish.
We hate it,
being told to hush.
We hate it,
when they stop believing.
We hate it,
when they believe in forcing.
We hate it,
the thought of leaving.
We hate it,
doing something that boring.
We hate it,
being left with no choices.
We hate it,
being alone with the voices.
We hate it,
crying to the silence.
We hate it,
being back in the darkness.
We hate it,
having our heart take.
We hate it,
being told that we’re artless.
We hate it,
when we are mistaken.
We hate it,
not being our bravest.
We hate it,
being circled by haters.
We hate it,
not being famous.
We hate it,
being surrounded by traitors.
We hate it,
looking up to the skies.
We hate it,
because of all the stars.
We hate it,
being filled with lies.
We hate it,
behind those bars.
We hate it,
as faith in us cries.
We hate it,
being driven past by those cars.
We hate it,
as our own family looks down.
We hate it,
as everyone looks deprived.
We hate it,
being the class clown.
We hate it,
not being derived.
We hate it,
when they say we can’t.
We hate it,
with the ups and downs.
We hate it,
being treated like an ant.
We hate it,
not hearing the sounds.
We hate it,
when they want us to live up to those expectations.
We hate it.

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A Laughing Stock

Success: Motivator

Better stop acting like a sheep,
they’re still laughing at you,
they think you’re the stock, and that they can sell you,
are you going to keep digging deep?
Or stand your own path?
Let them hear your wrath,
don’t let them think you’re trash
turn one word to ash,
or turn their hate to ashes?
Make sure your thoughts crashes,
and stop the madness.
The redness spreads through the sadness,
you’re not trying to be the strongest?
Do you want to be the weakest?
Or did you even give it your all?
But did you really?
Could you say I couldn’t fall?
Did you live your life freely?
Did you stand tall?
Did you answer the call?
Or did you ignore the signs?
‘What signs?’
The ones that said cross the lines,
forget the mines that intertwines your spines,
didn’t everyone have his own designs?
Do you thing you were supposed to resign?
You’re supposed to decline,
your life doesn’t add up to nine,
and you think you can scar from afar?
Someone left success’s door ajar,
so go be a star,
don’t fear the sun,
it will try to burn you for fun,
but will you be done?
Will you just run?
How could you be number one,
when you think you’re out done?
Remember your loved one,
and get a home run.
Forget the people?
No, learn from their laughs,
get the courage to take control,
stop being a laughing stock with these clues.

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Success: Motivator

The one that cries when I open my eyes,
Time and again it fills a pot,
Overtime it gets so restless,
Again and Again my heart burns hot,
The one that looks like it’s hopeless,
Hoping that it would close,
Judging from its observation,
I hope I could block what it throws,
It tires from its fixation,
It cracks from its relation,
A story that it’s narrating,
Looking at the player while he’s mutating,
Spins, as my life starts rotating,
Cracks, as my heart starts aching,
Dust, fills the face of the faceless,
Must, says the will of the nameless,
Grow, states the mind of the ageless,
Filled, with the memories of the faces,
Smiles, at the sight of the aces,
Tired, of all the places,
Angry, of all the spaces,
Empty, with only the owner,
Made, with the loss of another,
Sadness, on the face of the mother,
Reflection, of a dying brother,
Hoping, to not go to the other,
Cries, at the sight of the killer,
Dies, broken to pieces is the mirror.

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Who Am I?

Success: Motivator

I try to be focused,
I try to move up,
I hope I was a locust,
I hope I could hop,
I wonder what happened,
I wonder who to trust,
I feel like I was flattened,
I feel like I’m going to combust,
I fail to become hungry,
I fail to catch my prey,
I look like I’m angry,
I look like I hate to stay,
I go to the wrong ways,
I go to my demise,
I stay to count the days,
I stay to close my eyes,
I cry when I see my future,
I cry when it looks back,
I hurt the major,
I hurt the crack,
I love the silence,
I love the skies,
I fly to the islands,
I fly to the wise,
I ask for advice,
I ask for favours,
I close the lies,
I close the papers,
I open my future,
I open my book,
I welcome you to the blooper,
I welcome you to the rook,
I welcome you to my world,
I welcome you to I,
I welcome you to the swirl,
Now who am I?

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Fear Not

Go ahead, stare fear in the face, right now, I dare you.




Go out and see if that imaginary fear is really there, it isn't.


Your fear is not your real fear, It is your imagined fear that is your real fear.




You will find that your problem is not actually your problem.


You reaction and postponement to the problem is the real problem.




There are no real difficulties in life, only imagined difficulties.


Your greatest fear should not be the fear of failure,


but of succeeding at those things that don't really matter.




Little minds are forever subdued by misfortune; great minds soar above it.


Refuse to be a prisoner of the environment in which you find yourself.


Break free, as fortune favours the brave.




Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.


Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.


Don't raise your voice, just improve your argument.




A successful person does what other people are not willing to do.


A successful person is an average person, with full on focus.


A successful person is one who will lay a firm footing with the rocks other people have thrown.


A successful person is motivated by the desire to achieve and not by the desire to beat others.




All of the important things that have been accomplished by people,


are those people who have kept on going when all seemed so lost.




You will never reach your goal if you never define your goal.


If you genuinely want something, don't ever wait for it, go ahead and claim it.


Take up one really good idea for the moment, one that makes you happy.


Leave all other thoughts and ideas alone.




Make sure everything you do, is the very best.


Make sure everything you do is beautiful.


Be kind and gentle on yourself as you would be to others.


Always strive to do your best.




Only put off until tomorrow, what you are willing to leave undone.


What you do today, you will harvest tomorrow.


What you do today will colour all of your tomorrows.




Be miserable or motivate yourself.




Whatever has to be done, get it done, it's always your choice.




We are never made wise by the recollection of our past,


This is only accomplished by taking responsibility for our future.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not technically all my own words, but rearranged to make sense and put into a poem I might remember time and time again when the going gets tough.