No Doubt

The Rhythm of Love

I don't know just when it happened
When a changed occurred inside
No afraid of my confusion
And I don't need a reason why
Because I know what I believe
I have no doubt inside my mind

You told me one time
"It's when you're not looking, that people end up finding you"
I have to say, I think you're right
Because when I wasn't looking, you found your way right through
All the walls that built my life

Now, I'm not sure how it happened
And I won't question why
Because from that very moment
I'm feeling like it's right
Free from what I used to hold in
All the thoughts that I denied
And now, it's you that I believe in
I have no doubt inside my mind

With all the distance, space and time
The difficulties that arise
I know that it's all worth it
And you are worth the wait
Deep inside I know this
No matter how long it might take

I'm not sure when it happened
But I am glad it did
Because I know that every moment
Is worth every minute spent
And every chance I get
I'll make sure you know I'm feeling this
No matter what obstacles coome to light
When it comes to you
I have no doubt in my mind

From the moment that you came into my life
And when it comes to you, I have no doubt in my mind
That I've finally seen the sign
And there's no doubt in my mind

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RoC! I told dovely how much I

RoC! I told dovely how much I loved her poem and forgot to give you credit for your Awesomeness!!

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