Terminal Velocity

I always wondered how I would meet Death
Would I embrace him as an old friend?
Cower in fear and apprehension at his presence?
Run and bargain for an escape?

Turns out it was none of those things
No, I greeted him with apathy
Like a stranger on the street
Indifferent to his existence looming over me

I've always said I don't fear death
But I'd always expected that was just my bravado kicking in
Turns out I wasn't exaggerating
Death cannot be, but an acceptable end
Just one more grand adventure waiting to begin

As time rolled on, I half expected this to change
But, it seems, my apathy's remained
No, Death, himself, seems to have no effect on me
His boss, on the other hand, have I got a few words saved for him...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And who knows, maybe Death is waiting further away than I think...

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Death cannot be but an

Death cannot be but an acceptable end

Just one more grand adventure waiting to begin".  I feel exactly the same way. Death is only sad for the living...the ones left with the loss, the ones left to remember.  I have lost a mother, a father, and a brother in the past 2 years and neither one of them have paid me a visit. I don't think they miss me at all. Lol

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Death Personified

May be a she, one, two, may wear pastel pink and not black. - Other myths: Possibility one: Death is  nothing more than chemical decomposition or Possibility two, the soul goes into the Aether also to decompose. Both notions are bizzare only because so many earth born believe in the animus or "soul" and an afterlife. In the last play of the fourth quarter of my sojourn here as a human, I like the notion of entering a new adventure. Anthropomorphising Heaven concepts with thrones and pearly gates is too Medieval, King James I. Just eternal peace and no pain would be welcome at this point. Jesus is snickering. God does not think this funny at all. - aka sacrilege. :) Lady A

Lady A


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Whoever he/she/it/they may be is nothing but an inevitability, and I'm pretty sure God lost his sense of humor after making us in his image...
Just think about an image that's a combination of all of us <:o

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

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Where did you go?

hope all is well. Stay safe. Death left town, didn't you hear? :D ~ Lady A

Lady A