Our Songs


"Make up your mind
And I'll make you mine
Don't worry about me
I'll be fine"

Remember when I sang that to you?
It's ok if you don't, because I still do
I still remember every thing
Every moment. Every word.
But I have finally decided
That I will no longer be "Right Here"
I've finally forgotten the melody and the words to that song
All but a single line, that is
You know which one?
Do you want to know?
I'll write it here anyway
Because it just seems a little ironic
That it is the only part I remember

"I hope your not intending
To be so condescending
It's as much as I can take"

It still amazes me to this day
That I never took that as a sign
That "our song" was
Foreshadowing our goodbye

Maybe I was "more than you bargained for"
And I was "just a notch in your bedpost"
But "sugar, we went down swinging"

I honestly don't know what brought this back to life
I'd spent so long trying to deny
Erasing thoughts and memories
Of what seemed like another life

I've got Matchbox 20 on repeat playing our life
"I'll bet your hard to get over
I bet the sun just won't shine"
"If you're lost and you look, then you will find me
Time after time"
And yea, I know Cindy Lauper did it first
But you know I always preferred the Rob Thomas version
Despite our discussions

And in truth, you're no longer my "Wonderwall"

Don't say it
It's not worth "savin' me"
I don't need to be saved
I finally know there is only one thing wrong with me
I let your pieces linger far too long
Tainting every thing

It's actually funny
In that strange kind of way
Just like the one before
And the one before that
She walked out just a while ago
And instead of writing about her
I'm once again writing about you

I just wish you'd forget about me
Then, maybe, just maybe
I could forget about you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yea, it's not poetic, it just is

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"She walked out just a while ago
And instead of writing about her

I'm once again writing about you"

I think this very poetic. Sorrowful longing - 33 weeks ago. Hope all is well, ~s~

Lady A