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There is something magical about kissing in the rain. Rain drops fall all over you—your face, hair, skin—and your clothes cling to you as if you are melting. And your lover is holding you tight as you hear nothing but rain and feel nothing but their touch on your body and the wet grass between your toes. The moment lasts, the moment you feel alive and as one with nature. A few wet drops break the passionate seal of your two lips as you taste the beautiful rain and your lover in one glorious sensual motion. ~Anonymous

Then suddenly, with savage, passionate clasp,
She drew him to her with an eager grasp
And sank exhausted, yet with cheeks aflame,
A thrill with feelings which she could not name...
'T was pain, 't was pleasure, 't was a joy intense.
It seemed as though along each quivering sense,
Swift rivulets of fire had found their way
And burned their hearts. They knew not night nor day,
Nor life, nor death, nor aught that mortals know.
They only knew they loved each other so....
~Author Unknown, "The Fall of Man"

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