Almost Porn

Tongue and Cheek

Tender box or tinder box
Softness or on fire
I'll make you feel like Goldilocks
On my bed that feels just right

So wrap your legs around me
While I squeeze your supple thighs
Feel the passion pushing deep
As I slip myself inside

Hold that movement right there
While I stroke your tender box
That smell that's in the air
Is the fire in your tinder box

So spark a flame within me
And feel the fires rise
Let's caress these bed sheets
With our bodies intertwined

This moment, pure ecstasy
While you squeeze against my pride
And you are so entrancing
While my head's between your thighs

I sample on the fruit, forbidden fruit of life
And just like Goldilocks, I find it tastes just right
I'll kiss the fire in your tinder box
With tongue, and cheek, and nibbling
I'll caress your tender box

I won’t stop caressing every spot
A finger-food feast inside your tender box
Heat the flames within is what we’ve got
Sparked so deep inside your tinder box

And when you fall upon me
In the climax of this ride
I will hold your body
Til the shuddering subsides

So a question must me asked, not just once but not a lot
Is it tender or tinder, that pleasure in your box

Author's Notes/Comments: maybe it's more than Almost ;)

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ramonathompsont's picture

That is so hot I almost

That is so hot I almost melted. Mmm wish I had a guy to make me that alive.