That Perfect Moment

Tongue and Cheek

Upon that counter by the sink
Her body pushed against the brink
To share a passion with her reach
A smitten rhythm makes him weak
Against perfection in her means
His only goal, to feel her pleased

And as the towel softly lands
He grasps her passions in his hands
As lovers in forbidden dance
Oh, in her arms he takes his chance
To fill her with his pure romance
And whisper to her inner chants

Then they fall down to the floor
Where passion strums her rhythmic chords
The music rages through their pores
The essence in this perfect score
Bodies arched in perfect form
Just moaning out for more and more

And in this spasmic lovers' tune
She cries out for his faithful swoon
Then writhes in form to feed his mood
To dance in harmony, subdued
He speaks in lover's tongue to soothe
He tell's her she's his perfect muse

As the rhythm strikes its last
Reaching Heaven in climax
He kisses her with all he has
They both collapse into one mass
And lay there in each other's grasp
This perfect moment's come to pass

While gazing at the other's grin
A tangled mass of sweat and skin
This precious moment brings an end
To a glimpse of just attraction
She cuddles close, embracing him
Then blesses him with one more kiss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by ashes_twisted's "Sexual Show"

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I am glad you reposted this!

I am glad you reposted this! HugSS and a cheeky pat! ;)

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I'm glad you're glad

And make sure that cheeky pat is berry-free :p

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