Between the Sheets

Tongue and Cheek

I haven't been feeling all that passionate lately
But something has just sparked my creativity
And now I'm in the act of imagining
How it would be with you between the sheets

I can almost feel the touch of my fingertips
As they softly caress every inch of your skin
I can almost taste the sweet succulence
As your body starts to drip

I'm in the process of imagining
Being with you between the sheets

The scent of passion is overwhelming
This hypnotic pheremone inducing
Rhythm between your heartbeat and me
As I succumb to your body heat

I'm in a daydream of imagining
Holding you between the sheets

Your tongue dances behind my lips
As I savor sweetness in your kiss
I can almost feel the tenderness
As you squeeze me deeper into this

I'm caught up while imagining
Being the man between your sheets

As your body writhes against me
Every motion felt intensely
I can almost see the fire in your eyes
As your legs begin to wrap around my thighs

I'm lost in my imagining
Of feeling you between the sheets

Seconds fade to minutes
Minutes into hours
No matter how we will it
Our bodies are devoured
There is no escaping
The passion in this daydream
And there is only one thing
That could stop this dream

When I'm no longer imagining
Loving you between the sheets

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