Loves shadow

When the ambient sun sets and shadows dance, I walk down that narrow street of injustice, the street where there is no exit, or entrance alike. You may think, "how did I get here?". Well... I've been here from the start. It all you need to do is get a knife and cut a fine line down your heart. This is a land where only I can visit, where demons play and evil spirits carouse. As I walk down the street I see the bad side of me, every deficient personality or trait shown by things impure. This place is called loves shadow... It is a residence where lost souls dwell, the shadow of a perfect connection. It is just an alternate world that occupies half of a broken heart, not a haven, but a hell. Everyone has this place in them, some people seek it, some people dread it, but the only way to get here is to die inside. To mentally eviscerate your soul onto the street we call, loves shadows...

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Carouse Is A Great Word

Dark and lovely poem - slice open the heart and go there, dread nothing. Yeah! ~allets~



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