Dem feels

Open curtains
superb light
eyes quiver
oh so bright..
Birds chirp
beauty roams
many trees
looks like home..
Walk outside
feel the chill
contested only
by suns will..
Light, heat 
tanners delight
too bad the sun
doesn't stay for night..
Peek left
perfect horizon
mountains infused
with clouds to enliven..
Glance right
wonderful river
cold flow of water
making me shiver..
Soothing breeze
drifts over me
great feeling
I am now free..
It is almost like
I am above soaring
over everyone
Dem feels of morning..

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Dem feeeels

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Not a fan of rhyme, but a sliding board of perfect end stops, - weaving meaning and expereince, depth and a wealth of imagery is nice and rejeuvenatingly fresh ~Allets~