When it Backfired

My Personal Faves

This sour bitter taste; I'm sick
my head it rots
For here now festers
all-consuming anger, STOP

Ignore me dear? I get your point --
she's yours; I'm not.
So when you kissed me those 3 times
guess you forgot?

Well then don't glance at me.
don't smile, don't laugh, don't KNOW
And leave your dimples home
your soul I won't see show.

So Irritating how I've done this
to myself
My own worst enemy
to quote my mother's wealth

And so what drives these stupid choices?
ask again
I can't admit my desperate stance
to any friend

Am I not smart? Or kind?
Not worthy, funny, cool?
Should I be prettier? Dress nicer?
Break less rules?

This loneliness; it's stalking
silently behind
a shadow darkening
and messing with my mind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you're reading this, subject of the poem, ignore it again. Thx.

See also: "I'm not Yours"

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