Another Broken Fix

Its just another broken fix,

So I guess there is no need to fix

What isn't working.

I was your child and you treated me that way,

I guess whatever works.

You could have made this work,

And now you are talking about how

You do not have your son.

Keep that to yourself,

Because I promise you,

It is not going to work.

And you tried to inhibit me,

Now I am making who I really am

Into something that works.

At work they talk about me like

I must have had wonderful parents

That who I am is a testament

To their work.

Shit I’ve spent my life trying to undo

Your work.

You tried to make me weak enough to need you,

Because you needed someone to fix you.

You told me I needed to love you because you gave me life,

I wish someone had fixed you before you could have

Because I still feel broken.

You never wanted a son who was whole

You wanted a son who could fit into your hole,

And complete you.

I feel complete without you,

I don’t need another broken fix.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Just one word Patrick "WOW' Was so painful yet beautiful to read. Is like in your poetry you're bloodletting all your festering wounds and its good to do so. Poetry is great therapy. Is a great way to clean up all the ugly little messes inside and once that is done then all the beauty starts to come out in you and sometimes its inner mixed.
That is the main reason I began writing myself, as a way to clean up all those ugly messes inside me. A form of personal house cleaning. Thank you for writing about Jesus or at least using that as a title or else I'd have never stumbled upon your poetry. For me you have become Poetry's Boy Scout. I do believe I feel a poem will come to me from that very title alone. Again thank you so much for sharing. Don't stop you do and I'll tell Jason on you winks. ( the guy who runs this web page!) I really enjoyed this poem again thanks, Sincerely Melissa Lundeen