Rubber Check

You make me so mad that I want to wring your neck.

You think that I'm stupid enough to take your check.

Your checks bounce so much that they should be made out of rubber.

I won't take your check, I don't care how much you blubber.

Stop that damn crying, stop acting like a five year old kid!

I won't accept your stinking check but sadly, I once did.

I took your four hundred dollar check and it bounced.

I was so angry that when I saw you again, I pounced.

Your lousy check bounced so I decided to make you bounce too.

You regretted giving me that rubber check when I was through.

But here you are again and you think that I'll take your rubber check.

When I get done, a doctor will have to put a brace around your neck.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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