Tomorrow may never come

We take for granted what we have today that we may not have tomorrow.
If we lose what we have, we'll drown in misery and sorrow.
Go hug your family and tell them that you love them.
Let them know that you're always thinking of them.
Nobody knows what the future may have in store.
Don't say something tomorrow that you could've said before.
Tomorrow may never come so please don't put off what you should do today.
Appreciate your family and friends now because you never know when they may be taken away.

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This piece is so very true.

This piece is so very true. Every day we assume tomorrow is going to be there. Tomorrow might come for the rest of the world but there is no way of knowing if we will be there to see it.

The only problem with the story carved on your chest, is its hard to read when your missing your ribs..

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not bad

not bad