Suck it , Arlington


You are nothing but a joke.

I'll smoke if I want to smoke.

Fitness obsessed and in hate with the way that I dress.

Hating my style, hating my hair, hating my me so much that I couldn't care.

Yes, I change my hair more than most change their underwear.

Yes, the bunch of you make me sick.

And yes, I do have a dick.

Get down on your knees Arlington.

And suck it.

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A Whole New Dimension Rant

A tradition on postpoems, the rant. This is a great one! ~slc~




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heh... amusing... I could go more into the last few lines about how they very possible can be true... but I'll just leave it at that most likely for every person who hates your hair and style as you say... there may be a few out there who love it.

cheers and rock on.