Grinding my teeth.

Harder to breathe.

How did we end up this way?

Are we here to stay?

Why am I all choked up?

I am pretty sure I made everyone up.

I just can't tell anymore.

Are my feet still on the floor?

I can't feel my body anymore.

How many of those did I take?

Can you please, please, define "mistake"?

How can a word be so cruel?

I never did understand these fucking rules.

Am I still here?

Or choking up and stuck on disappear?

My face is stuck to my hair...


Just, leave them there.

Who cares?


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love this

love this

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Thank you kindly.

"I'm sick of following my dreams, I'm just gonna ask 'em where they're going & hook up with 'em later." -Mitch Hedberg