Say Goodbye

Inept at dealing with these situations

failing to win over my self-deprivations

I'll walk away, in hopes to understand myself

My needs and desires better left on the shelf

A victim of a vicious circumstance

If I stand on high, should I take that chance?

Issues arise of which I can't comprehend

I look upon a life, my life I need to mend

The darkness falls as I wonder my worth

Regretting my past, despising my birth

Losing myself in the moon, just to stay awake

Cursing the stupidity of the actions I take

Reflecting on mistakes, things better left unsaid

Trying to make sense of the thoughts in my head

I'll say goodbye to everything I have ever had

just to get away from a life that has made me sad

I'll plan the perfect getaway, another sweet escape

Fade into the night, raise the hood of my cape

And disappear for a while, aiming to find release

Say goodbye to me, my friend, we'll both find our peace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feb '04. Found this in a diary.

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