Jackson Pollock, Cartographer (RSM)

Love your neighbor like a Christian

Love yourself like an atheist

Love your brother like a brother

Love your lover like little fish


I heard you got a secret

Bet you wonder how I knew

Well it's a really funny story 

And only half of it is true


Lick your lips just like a lizard

It's the only thing I see

You got one finger on the trigger

And the other ones on me


I think there's blood again

Still we're all as white as day

I keep on looking for the sunlight

But all I ever see is gray


Author's Notes/Comments: 

These are lyrics for a song by my band. www.facebook.com/rotatingstrawberrymadonna

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"...white as day..."

a fine image - lady A



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It's eerie how this one has

It's eerie how this one has become relevant recently; I wrote it almost two years ago.