First Love

I shrank into a shell

And you comforted me;

I contemplated Hell

And you made Heaven be.

The fires of my soul

Are kindled at your side;

I do not need a hole

I do not need to hide.

And yet all this is ended,

We’ve gone our separate ways;

Bliss that seemed unended

Has parted as the waves.

Yet when I saw your face

It made my heartbeat race…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An old one that I decided is worth posting after all :/

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Vic *'s picture

Wow 2003 eh!
I like this one. The pace is good and it flows really well.
My only criticism is that the last two lines aren't as strong as the rest.

Jackson's picture

It's very much a "first" kind of thing. I see it takes the sonnet's rhyme devious. Interesting how the unusual meter fits with the familiar rhyme scheme. All in all, it has good cadence.