when I nose-dive into the oblivion

poems by rabin

When I nose-dive into the oblivion


her hands were, 

when she found the suicide note on my bedside, 

grabbed my lifeless body, 

hoping that I shall breathe again, 

hoping that I shall annoy her again, 

hoping that I shall lover her again, 

She was trying to remember the time I came to this land, 

or should I say, when she brought me

Now that I am gone and rest in peace,

she cannot live, let alone rest, 

In the vast emptiness, I am happy,

leaving her sad and mourning 

But, I won't complain,

mother, my maker, 

for this silence is better than the chaos of the cruel world, 

I am sure I'll rest in utter peace, 

for I know that we will meet beyond this land of sorrows.

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A Poem

Suicide note.  Leroi Jones wrote book of poetry called : "Preface To A Twenty Pound Suicide Note". I memorized parts of it. It was fabulous! To write as if dead - I am rejoicing in the light of living and breathing. So many of us (those I grew up with) did not make it. It is awful yes, but there is pretty and lovely and beautiful and etherial too. I choose (4 me) the brightness! - be well slc