Torn Love

I sit and think of you all the time,

Thinking of our love, and distance,

Sitting alone a tear forms in my eye,

The first drops and is then followed,

More and more tears fall from my eyes,

It feels like there is a hole inside of me,

A place you should be,

Youre in my heart and soul,

Yet I still feel empty without you.

Now laying in bed tears flow very freely,

Crystal clear tears roll down my cheeks,

Better than blood pouring from my arm,

I don't know which is better,

You say my tears, but id rather it was blood.

I wont go against what you say,

Why? I don't want to lose you,

Id give my life if I lost you.

All these thoughts in my head,

More and more tears fall,

Still crystal clear, no trace of blood,

I only want you in my arms,

But if I cant have that,

Forever in my heart and soul, you will remain.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this cos i havent written a poem in a long time, but i suddenly got the urge so i did!

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Janet's picture

OMG!! *huggles* QS, sowwie I wasn't able to come b-4, (too much drama atm) umm anyways you know I love to read your poems, & wow, I sooooo love this one, I can totally relate....*sighs* very good work ^-^ as always...very emotional...