Dark Love

Long ebony black hair trailing behind me,

Running away from my love, you just dashed my heart,

Arms going opposite to my legs as I run, having you follow.

You told me that you never loved me, only used me,

You thought you did, your friend told you otherwise,

Knowing how much it would hurt me, you still said it.

My eyes watering as you tell me, tears in yours as well,

Pain, daggers, reality crashing into my heart,

Your heart aching as well, why, you never loved me.

Following me run, I go through woods, over a river,

Hair in long trails behind me, caught in the wind,

Cold winters day, air hurting our chests as we run.

Eyes watering with the bitter coldness of the day,

Hands, feet, limbs, numb from the harsh air,

Snow falling covers our tracks and trails behind us.

I reach the place I was running to, my destination,

Black hair falling straight against me back, you catch up,

Stopping behind me, you take my hand and say you love me.

Unbelieving you I look into your eyes, tears falling down,

Turning to icicles on your cheeks, and icicles on mine too,

You do mean it, but it’s too late now, damage done.

One last hug, one last kiss, one last ‘I love you’

It’s really too late, my life is over, my heart gone,

Sighing I let you go and jump, over the edge, gone.

Spiralling upwards my black hair, flowing against gravity,

Body curved, arms, legs, hair pointing up over,

Eyes crying, I see you jump after me, following again.

Wrapped tight in each others embrace, 3 words spoken,

Spoken in unison, to each other ‘I LOVE YOU’

Hitting a sharp rock at the bottom, together, forever together.

Bleeding, breaking bones, together, bodies almost liquefied,

Dead, but eternally together, they really loved each other,

Spring thaws them and found, a joint funeral, 1 coffin.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not for anyone in particular, sporadical inspiration.

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really powerfull. go you! i could never write like that...ever.