Dark Love

My Super Angel, all alone and crying,

Don't feel pain Angel, you have me,

I'm always here for oyou, you know that!

Always and forever, I mean it, you're so sweet.

How i love the way you are, your personality,

The way you look, my gorgeous Super Angel,

Feelings and emotions, you're unlike others,

That's what makes you so special to me.

My friend from the start, when you came,

Your first friend on the forum,

The constant pain from others, bugging you,

Helping you find your feet and grounds.

Holding you in my arms, it will happen,

My lover, my teacher, the one I lust after,

Wishing you were with me now,

Pain in my heart that you're not here.

An Angel from heaven as my friend,

My dark secret I love forever,

Your personality, so kind and gently,

As if you were a real Angel.

Someone I can love forever,

Always on my mind and heart,

Feeling like i'm sinking,

You're rescuing me from drowning.

You watch as my life slips away,

Further each day into depression,

Wanting what neither of us can have,

Breaking rules to be together.

The key to my heart once burried,

You dug it up and showed me light,

Showed me love, and passions, and lust,

My one and only hell raising Angel! :D

Gazing into my eyes, so warmly,

Holding my hand, waist and body,

Missing eachother when seperated,

Wanting you in my arms forever.

My life miserable when we are seperated,

Hearts fulfilled when we are together,

The familiar touch and smell of the other,

I've said it before, i'll say it agian, I LOVE YOU!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Gav this is for you hun!

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Me loves this poem, it's so cool and excellently written!!!!