Dark Love

Frozen snowflakes fall down from the dark sky lit by stars,

My heart feeling like a snowflake, cold, sleek, unloved,

Then you came along, melted the snow and "loved" me,

I wish I had never met you now, you hurt me, bad!

Lured me into the snare and hurt me, like a bunny,

Told me you loved me, I know now you never did, liar,

How you made me believe I could trust you, I really can't,

Just somebody once shouldn't give you the satisfaction!

Why I ever thought you loved me is a mystery to me, you never loved me,

The way I trusted you, wanted you, loved you, wish I'd never met you,

Made me believe, made me insecure to you, I let my guard down,

Then you put your hand into my chest and ripped out my heart!

Falling away from reality, let it be a dream, please, just a dream,

Made me bleed, made me weak, almost made me die, just not fair,

You almost killed me, I really wanted to die, never live again,

The way you hurt me, felt like daggers into my heart and soul!

Then I found another, better than you, nicer, kinder, more caring,

I don't know what it was about him but I knew he's different,

The way he looked into my eyes, his touch, his eyes, loving and caring,

The softness in his voice, the solemnity in his face and eyes!

He, I hope, could never hurt me like you did, that was hurtful,

Ripping out my heart right infront of my eyes, my soul aswell,

Bleeding profusely and crying tears of blood too, my arms not my eyes,

The blood dripping profusely from my bleeding arms!

Everyday now I want to see you suffer and cry over and over,

Tears of pain in your eyes from torture, pain and hurt,

I want you to suffer the way I have suffered, and cried,

Everyday I wish it never happened, I could turn back time!

Finding my new love to be difficult and hard to find,

Then he is there, staring me in the face, smiling sweetly,

Eyes glowing, smile so sweet, face and hands so kind and loving,

Soul pure like his heart, I guess it was love at first sight!

The way he feels around me, as if it was meant to be, forever,

His body so perfect and mature, the way he fits around me is perfect,

Personality is perfect too, he is flawless, as if an Angel,

My sexy Angel, to whom I'd die for, just to be with them forever!

I know you never loved me, so why say you did?

Just because someone may have hurt you, is that why you hurt me?

That doesn't give you the right to hurt me, whatever the reason,

You want to be careful hurting people like that!

But now I have found my one and only love, I love him,

Much more than I loved you, I knew something was wrong,

As far as I'm concerned, we were never more than friends,

'Cos I've moved on, to my true love, I'll always love him!

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this one
caught my
eyes so
keep writing
into the future .

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Very nice, I love all the imagery in comparison to heartbreak. And it's very true!