I Love

Volume Two

I love the pain you inflict apon me

I love the hate you give me

I love the misery

I love the way you make me feel

that Im just worthless but still

I love the way you tear me apart

yelling and screaming hating me from the start

"I love you, but that doesnt matter

you despise me, cant stand my presence

hating everything I do

So I love you too"

I hate the promise of you

I hate the life you gave me

I hate the way you made me see

where everything is ugly

Just like you

I hate the ground you walk on

so I write it in the form of a song

and sing it, to show you where you belong

"I love the dreams in which you die

I love watching you cry

but it hurts inside

to know I still love everything about you"

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poetvg's picture

i love everything
about this poem :*) .