Volume Two

I want to Disappear

from this life that visably clear

full of pain, full of hurt

when I walk alone in the dirt

I can see the beauty of what was once great

of a time when I believed in fate

not consumed by hate

And I cry

wishing I would die

nothings holding me here

Watching you, wishing it wasnt a dream

waiting for you to take my hand

the fading oasis in the sand

I deserve to be alone

through my head it's shown

but I beg for a chance

to be lost in the lover's trance

And I cry

Wishing to die

to escape the lie

that my mind wount heed

that my heart needs

I'm holding on and wount let go

watching the sun-set and feeling the wind blow

I'm dieing inside

from a scar that lied

I have nothing left, not even my pride

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