Lost "Love"

Volume One



Lost 'Love'”


Demon scar, throw me far

hope of light, hope of delight

fear of night, the steel of fight

just a strike, as love is lost

and hate is tossed, in a world of pain

can there be anything to gain

All I wanted was to make you happy,

but I found I made it sappy

I was lost to a dream, that could never be

I don't want to lose your love

but when I think about it, I never had your love

just a dove, a sign of what was up above

Fear of hate, now just used as bait

scar me now, don't kneel and bow

stand tall and proud

I don't want to hurt you now, not now

or anymore


"Darkness here; evermore"


"You can't see, but death shall set you free"




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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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